What are nausea and vomiting?

Nausea is when you feel sick to your stomach like you are going to throw up. Vomiting is when you throw up. You will most likely feel better on days you don’t get chemotherapy. 

Take these steps to feel better:

Take your anti-nausea medicine.

  • Talk with your TCI care team to make sure you are taking your medicine correctly.
  • It’s very important to take your medicine—even days you are feeling well.

Stay away from certain foods.

  • Eat less greasy, fried, salty, sweet, or spicy foods if you feel sick after eating them.
  • If the smell of food bothers you, ask others to cook for you. Then let the food cool down before you eat it.

Have enough to eat and drink.

  • Take small sips of water during the day, if you find it hard to drink a full glass at a time.
  • Eat five or six meals during the day, instead of three big meals.

Questions to ask your TCI care team:

  1. What problems should I call you about?
  2. What foods should I try to eat more or less of?
  3. How much liquid should I try to drink every day?
  4. What medicine can help? When should I take it?
  5. Can you give me the name of someone who can tell me about acupuncture or other things that can help prevent nausea?
  6. Can you give me the name of a nutritionist, so I can learn more about what foods to eat?

On the days you get treatment:

  • Talk with your TCI care team to learn about ways to relax if you feel sick before your treatment.
  • Learn the best time for you to eat and drink. Some people feel better when they eat a little just before treatment.
  • Others feel better when they have nothing to eat or drink before treatment.
  • After treatment, wait at least one hour before you eat or drink. 

These foods and drink may be easier on your stomach.

Clear broth, such as chicken, beef, and vegetable

Clear soda, such as ginger ale, Cranberry, or grape juice, Oral rehydration drinks, such as Pedialyte® Tea (without caffeine), Water

Chicken—broiled or baked, without the skin, Cream of Wheat® or Cream of Rice® cereal, Crackers or pretzels, Oatmeal, Pasta or noodles Potatoes—boiled, without the skin, White rice, White toast 

Bananas Canned fruit such as applesauce, peaches, and pears Gelatin (Jell-O®) Popsicles and sherbet Yogurt (plain or vanilla) 

“I take medicine so I won’t feel sick to my stomach or vomit. My doctor and I had to try a few different kinds of medicine before we found one that worked for me.”