Radiation Oncology

In keeping with our commitment to provide the highest standard of patient care and to maintain state-of-the-art capabilities, we are pleased to announce that we now provide radiation therapy. We use an advanced radiotherapy system that was engineered from the ground up to perform non-invasive, image-guided radiotherapy with pinpoint accuracy and precision. It uniquely integrates advanced imaging and motion management technologies within a sophisticated new architecture that make it possible to deliver treatments more quickly while monitoring and compensating for tumor motion.

Our system offers treatment possibilities for patients who may not have otherwise had options. It allows us to improve the experience of our patients being treated for cancers that have long been amenable to treatment with radiotherapy, and also to treat some more complex cancers in areas such as the lung, breast, abdomen, liver—i.e., areas subject to respiratory motion during treatment.

We can deliver a full range of radiotherapy modalities, including image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), RapidArc® radiotherapy technology and Gated RapidArc—a new approach that compensates for tumor motion during a RapidArc treatment. This means we can choose the best form of treatment for each patient. We can also deliver many types of treatment fast and within a few minutes per day, offering patients greater comfort and improving precision by leaving less time for tumor motion during dose delivery.

We are very excited to be sharing this radical breakthrough with our patients. To schedule a tour or demonstration of our advanced system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.