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Anemia is when your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells. Having anemia can make you feel very tired or weak.

Try these tips when you feel tired or weak:

Save your energy

Choose the most important things to do each day.

Ask for help.

When family or friends offer to help, let them. They can take you to the doctor, buy groceries, or make meals.

Balance rest with activity.

  • Take short naps during the day. Short naps of less than one hour are best. Too much bed rest can make you feel weak.
  • Sleep at least eight hours every night.
  • You may feel better if you take short walks or exercise a little every day.

Questions to ask your TCI care provider:

  1. What problems should I call you about?
  2. What is causing the anemia?
  3. Would taking medicine, iron pills, or getting a blood transfusion help me?
  4. Can you give me the name of a nutritionist so I can learn more about what foods might help?

Eat and drink well.

Talk with your TCI care provider to learn what foods and drinks are best for you. Most people need to drink at least eight cups of liquid every day. Water and juice with extra water added are good choices.

You may need to eat high-protein foods.

Meat, peanut butter, and eggs are good choices.

You may need to eat foods with iron.

Red meat, leafy greens (such as collard greens and spinach), and cooked dried beans are good choices. 

Your TCI care provider will order blood tests. If you have anemia, you may need medicine. Or you may need a blood transfusion to help you feel better.

Call your physician or nurse if you feel

• Dizzy or faint
• Short of breath
• Very weak and tired
• Your heart beating very fast 

“I told my doctor that I was very tired. My doctor did a blood test to check for anemia. Now I am getting treatment for the anemia, and I have a lot more energy.”