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The food you eat during and after your cancer treatment can play a vital role in recovery. Eating a well-balanced diet may become difficult due to changes in appetite and taste. Your dietary needs will change when you begin treatment depending on your type of cancer, medical history, and treatment plan. Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) plays a vital role in cancer treatment. Excessive weight loss can lengthen treatment time, increase side effects, and decrease quality of life.

The goal of MNT is to help you feel your best while managing your symptoms and other medical issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, or digestive problems. At Teton Cancer Institute, we offer the support of a registered dietitian to help meet your needs. Our dietitian works closely with providing physicians to give you nutrition recommendations based on current scientific research that is personalized to your specific treatment plan. To schedule an appointment with a dietitian, please call 208-527-1100 ext. 3721, or ask your physician or nurse.

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