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Clinical Trials

The providers at Teton Cancer Institute rely on and are actively engaged in ongoing clinical trials at a variety of institutions. Most all treatments are defined by the national consortium known as the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Teton Cancer Institute subscribes to and most often prescribes treatments according to each of the latest published guidelines. This relies on the most recent and up-to-date clinical trial data available.

In cases where unique medicines might only be available via a clinical trial, the providers at Teton Cancer Institute continue to collaborate with all institution registered with the National Cancer Institute (link this to to make the medicines available to our patients. In whatever cases we can continue to provide this care locally, we aim to do so. In the few cases when medicine might only be available through a clinical trial at a neighboring institution, we will actively work to enroll these patients and continue to help care for them as best we can locally.

The Teton Cancer Institute continues to work on a variety of ways to bring all the world’s opportunities to patients seeking treatment in Southeastern Idaho.