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Discovering Meaning as a Caregiver

Cancer causes many caregivers to look at life in new ways. They think about the purpose of life. And they often focus on what they value most.

You and your loved one may question why cancer has come into your lives. You may long for things to be like they were before the disease. But you may also see good things that come out of it, such as it bringing you closer. It’s normal to see illness in both good and bad ways.

Some ways to find meaning are:

  • Read or listen to uplifting materials
  • Pray or meditate
  • Talk with a priest, pastor, or spiritual leader
  • Go to religious or spiritual services
  • Talk to other caregivers
  • Look at books or brochures for people dealing with cancer. Ask for them at your place of worship. Also, check at libraries for these materials

As a caregiver, try to remember to:

  • Strike a balance each day
  • Focus on your needs, too
  • Care for yourself while caring for your loved one
  • Make time for resting and relaxing

Life-changing events often give people the chance to grow. They may help people see what’s most important to them. Many say that caring for someone with cancer changed them forever. They used their strengths to support their loved one. And they learned more about themselves along the way.