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In a Fog—Chemo Brain

Cancer survivors have found many ways to help improve their memory after cancer treatment.

See if any of these ideas work for you:

  • Jot it down. You can write down each task, how long it will take, and where you need to go in a notebook or pocket calendar. Plan your whole day. Keep it simple, and be realistic about how much you can do in a day.
  • Set up reminders. Put small signs around the house to remind you of things to do, such as taking out the trash or locking the door.
  • Group long numbers into chunks. For example, the phone number 812-5846 can be repeated as “eight-twelve, fifty-eight, forty-six.”
  • Talk yourself through tasks. When doing a task with a number of steps, such as cooking or working on a computer, whisper each step to yourself.
  • Manage stress. Managing stress better may improve your memory and attention. And learning how to relax can help you remain calm even in stressful moments.
  • Go over what you plan to say. Before you go to family events or work functions, go over names, dates, and key points you want to make.