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Memory Changes

Your physician will work to find out what is causing these problems. They may be caused by stress or a medicine you are taking. Or, they may be caused by cancer, cancer treatment, or other health problem.

Use the list below to get helpful tips:

Plan your day.

  • Do things that need the most thinking at the time of day when you feel the best.
  • Get extra rest.

Get help to remember things.

  • Write down or tape record things you want to remember.
  • Write down important dates and information on a calendar.
  • Use a pill box or calendar to help you keep track of your medicines.

Ask for help.

  • Ask a friend or family member for extra help when you need it.
  • Ask your TCI care nurse or Care Navigator (social worker) to keep track of medicines and clinic visits.
  • If you are very confused, have someone stay with you. Don’t stay home alone.

Questions to ask your TCI care team:

  1. What problems should I call you about?
  2. What could be causing my memory loss?
  3. Is there a medicine that can help me?
  4. What other tips can you give me that might help?
  5. How long will these problems last? 

“My nurse said that during treatment it may be hard to concentrate. I put important dates on the calendar. I also taped notes on the door to help me remember things.”