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My Records

Make sure you discuss your wishes with your family members and close friends.




Directives Concerning Minor Children Original(s): In possession of the named guardianCopies: With your attorney
DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order Original: With your physicianCopies: With the representative or agent you have designated to act on your behalf or your “next of kin” (family member designee)
Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs Duplicated Signed Originals: With you and your attorneyCopies: With your appointed representative(s)
Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Duplicated Signed Originals: With your appointed representative and your attorneyCopies: With your primary physician, pharmacist, hospital, or nursing home.
Living Will Duplicated Signed Originals: With your assigned representative and your attorneyCopies: N/A
Out-of-Hospital DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order Duplicated Signed Originals: With your physician and your attorney
Revocable Living Trust Duplicated Signed Originals: In your possession or with your attorney
Will Signed Originals: In your possession or with your attorneyCopies: In a safe place that your representative can access