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TCI Survivor's Guide

Going through cancer treatment can be an overwhelming experience for the patient.

That’s why we designed our Survivor’s Guide for the Cancer Journey to ease your way from diagnosis to treatment and into survivorship.

The Guide includes tips like:

1. Bring the Survivor’s Guide for the Cancer Journey with you to each appointment.

2. Write down everything! The first few appointments are especially overwhelming. Make sure you take good notes on behalf of your loved one.

3. Keep good records. There are plenty of spaces to jot down your TCI care team’s recommendations, store diagnostic test results, and record important information as you receive it.

4. Encourage your loved one to utilize the Survivor’s Guide to its fullest extent. If he/she isn’t feeling up to writing, offer to transcribe his/her thoughts and feelings into the journal on his/her behalf.

5. Some sections of the Survivor’s Guide may or may not apply to your loved one. Use the sections that are the most useful to you now. Other sections may become more important later.

6. Make an appointment for you and your loved one with the TCI Care Navigators to help guide you through your insurance benefits, financial concerns, and help you tap into available resources.

You’ll get a copy of the guidebook at one of your first appointments.