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The Caregiver's Guide to Pain

Many caregivers say that they are afraid to ask about pain. They worry that it means the cancer is getting worse. Or some think that pain is normal, and their loved one just has to accept it. This is not true. People who have their pain managed can focus on healing. They can enjoy life more.

The doctor should continue to ask about pain and other side effects

But it’s up to you and your loved one to be sure that the doctor knows about any pain your loved one feels.

Pain can be managed during treatment. The key is to talk about pain and other symptoms at each visit. Your loved one does not have to suffer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for stronger pain medicine. Sometimes larger doses help. These drugs rarely cause people with cancer to get addicted. Instead, they can help your loved one feel better. He or she will be able to focus on day-to-day things instead of being in pain.