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Teton Cancer Institute Support

Recognizing When You Need Help

Dealing with cancer is hard and it is important to recognize when you need help.

Reducing Stress

Survivors of cancer can use exercise, creative outlets, mind-body methods, sharing personal stories, and laughter to help reduce their stress.

Sexual and Fertility Changes in Men

Cancer treatment can cause sexual and fertility changes in men. Talk with your TCI care team to have help coping with these changes.

Sexual and Fertility Changes in Women

Cancer treatment can cause sexual and fertility changes in women. Talk with your TCI care team for help with coping with these changes.

Sharing the News

Telling loved ones that you have cancer is hard. It's an important conversation that needs to happen but can be a very stressful thing to do.

Skin and Nail Changes

Cancer treatment can affect your skin and nail changes. It's important to know how to deal with symptoms, and which symptoms you need to inform your physician about.

Stages of Cancer Survivorship

There are three stages to cancer survivorship: living with cancer, living through cancer, and living beyond cancer.

Storing Important Records

Keeping clear and accurate records will contribute to your peace of mind when it comes to dealing with the paperwork involved with your cancer care.


Surgeries like a biopsy can be used to help diagnose cancer. Surgeries can also be used to help treat cancer.

Surviving the After Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can leave you with side effects after the treatment stops. This is a list of common problems people experience as after effects of cancer treatment.