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Teton Cancer Institute Support

Medication Safety- The DO's and DO NOT's

It is important to take your medication. It is also important to ensure you are doing so as instructed by your doctor.

Memory Changes

If you are experiencing changes in your memory, consult your doctor. There may be simple steps that can be taken to help.

My Records

There are a number of forms and records that should be completed as you start your journey.

Nerve Change - Neuropathy

Chemotherapy has been known to cause neuropathy, an issue in your nerves.

Optimizing Your Treatment

You can optimize your treatment by being informed, staying organized, discussing the effectiveness of your treatment, and working with your physician to select the best treatment for you.

It's Important To Treat Pain

Don't just put up with pain, there are many different kinds of medicine that could help you manage your pain.

Pain Management

There are lots of ways to help manage pain. This a list of pain management ideas and pain management questions to discuss with a specialist.

Practical Steps You Can Take To Help

There are several things you can do to help your loved one through their treatment. They need and appreciate your support.

Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatment uses high-energy x-rays to target and kill rapidly producing cancer cells.

Reach to Recovery

Reach to Recovery helps those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer cope with their breast cancer at all stages.